Amazon ECR – Adding a tag to an image after it’s already pushed

The steps are taken from The issue I ran into is the wrong regions are selected. This is fixed with the –region param.

This is useful for adding tags to your :latest image. For example, QA looks at :latest, but my prod service looks for image :prod. I’ll also add a tag for the prod deployment date.

MY_MANIFEST=$(aws ecr batch-get-image --repository-name REPO_NAME --image-ids imageTag=latest --region us-west-2 --query images[].imageManifest --output text)

aws ecr put-image --repository-name REPO_NAME --image-tag NEW_TAG_NAME --image-manifest "$MY_MANIFEST" --region us-west-2
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Thank you for this! It was exactly what I needed to overcome today’s hurdle.

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